Technical data

K6 S is a helmet for any use and every rider. It is made with technology and materials developed for MotoGP™ riders. Safety, comfort, reliability, and performance are not just words, they are tangible features you can count on. Take your passion with you on every ride, under any condition and on any road.

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AGV K6 S is safer than the values required by the regulations

(Values obtained in ECE 22-06 homologation tests: 36% in linear impacts and 65% in oblique impacts)


oblique impacts


  • Cool, highly breathable Ritmo fabric
  • Soft Shalimar fabric with excellent grip
  • 2 Dry treatment for ultra-rapid absorption of moisture and sweat
  • Outer part in waterproof and wear-resistant Ritmo fabric and faux leather

Air vents

  • 5 adjustable front air vents
  • 2 rear extractors integrated into the spoiler


  • 190° peripheral vision
  • 85° vertical vision
  • Optical class 1
  • Thickness up to 4.3 mm
  • 5 opening levels
  • 100% Pinlock® 120XLT™ MaxVision™
  • Micro-lock system

The comfort you need, the performance you've always wanted.