The best helmet for any use, made from technologies developed for MotoGP™.

Finally, a comfortable, versatile, and safe road helmet for any use, any motorbike, and any rider thanks to the same advanced materials and innovative technology used to help world champions achieve the maximum in the most extreme conditions.

Everything you need is now combined with everything you've ever wanted.

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A protection that
exceeds every expectation

K6 S provides the security riders need to fully express themselves in any situation, due to its world championship level protection. The premium carbon-aramid fiber shell and five EPS densities offer the same protection that professional MotoGP™ riders are guaranteed. Due to the stringent AGV Extreme Safety design protocol, K6 S passes all the tests required by the strict ECE22.06 standard by a large margin, making the helmet safer than the levels required by the latest road homologations.
All this plus lightness like none other.

Every detail is
designed to protect

Every detail of K6 S is designed to guarantee the safety of its wearer. The visor mechanisms are incredibly small, to maximize EPS on the surface and maximize the area covered by ​​the shell. The profile of the helmet is designed to minimize the chances of impact with the collarbone.
An AGV invention, now a racing world standard.

Ultravision: see more,
under any circumstance

Exclusive AGV Ultravision guarantees 190° horizontal field of vision which means seeing the road, the corners, and the obstacles better, and ahead of time. The Optical Class 1 visor features the 100% Pinlock® 120XLT™ MaxVision™ anti-fog system and is up to 4.3 mm thick. The Micro-Lock system allows the visor to be opened for air flow while keeping the visor securely fastened to the chinguard. High level characteristics that are designed to instill the confidence needed to win a world championship and that are now available on a helmet for any use.



Put it on,
you barely feel it

Just 1255 grams. The premium materials used for the shell and the innovative technological solutions reduce the weight of the K6 S to a minimum, making it one of the lightest road helmets in the world. The lightest of all in its category. This lightness makes riding comfortable and reduces fatigue so that you can tackle even the longest trips without getting distracted.
The only thing you'll feel on your head is total comfort.

The quality of the interior
really makes the difference

The interior of the K6 S is made of select materials developed by AGV to meet the needs of MotoGP™ riders who take on the most extreme conditions on track. The external liner is made of wear-proof, waterproof fabric that keeps water out even during the heaviest rainfall. The interior liner is made of a breathable fabric that absorbs sweat in record time, leaving your face dry at all times.

Perfect ventilation
no matter what road you take

Five large air vents are positioned where the greatest air flow is so that you can personalize ventilation and get the most under any conditions. The central air vent is located at the point of maximum air pressure to ventilate inside the upper part of the helmet. The ergonomic shape of the adjusters is optimized for use while wearing gloves. The visor comes with the AGV Micro-Lock system which offers another air entry point without affecting the protective capacity at all.



Cuts through the air without moving:
aerodynamics you can feel

Aerodynamics do not just help with lap times. Due to the exclusive design of its shell and its rear spoiler, K6 S splits the air and remains very stable even at high speeds. This is an advantage in terms of performance and comfort, both for sports riding on hairpin turns and during long trips on highways.
The K6 S design guarantees minimum aerodynamic resistance, making the most of the lift to obtain zero Z-lift at cruising speed. It means that at a speed of 130 km/h the helmet has a dynamic weight of zero.
You'll feel the difference, in any situation.

Always the right position
for maximum performance

The K6 S is designed for optimal performance no matter the riding position, whether comfortable for cruising and sport touring, strenuous for traffic-filled city streets, or sporty, tucked inside the fairing. Its aerodynamic performance is exceptional regardless of what you're used to in order to meet every rider's need in any situation.

So balanced,
it is even lighter

As if holding the record for lightness in the category weren't enough, the K6 S is designed to be highly balanced and have a neutral dynamic weight. The optimal load distribution means the bulk of the helmet is not felt on the head. It's like having all the advantages of a helmet without the fatigue of wearing one.


The comfort you need, the performance you've always wanted.