Pista GP R, The MotoGP Helmet

Pista GP R is the ultimate track helmet, developed for AGV athletes in Moto GP and other racing championships: the same performance and protective technology used in premium racing is now available to racers worldwide.
Developed under AGV’s Extreme Standards protocol, Pista GP R features a 100% Carbon shell layered with a 5-density EPS shell and a lightweight structure that strongly exceeds the regulatory safety requirements, combined with MotoGP-derived innovations such as an integrated hydration system, metal air vents and a wind tunnel-engineered “Biplano” aero spoiler.

The Strength of Pure Carbon

Pista GP R features a 100% pure carbon fiber outer shell layered on a 5-density EPS inner shell, a lightweight structure that strongly exceeds the regulatory safety requirements with a weight of only 1,350 g (smallest shell size). It boasts a 5-star rating from independent certifying body SHARP and is tested at 8.5 m/s.
4 dedicated shell sizes and 4 internal EPS sizes create a hyper compact structure that minimizes volume around the head.

From TV to Cinema, with the strength of a shield

New Race 3 visor built in Class Option 1 for a distortion-free view, featuring a panoramic shape that allows a horizontal view of 190° and a vertical view of 85° for unlimited field of view. The visor is an effective shield that extends impact protection: it reaches 5mm thickness for strength and features a patented locking system for extended protection during impacts. A Pinlock® Max Vision 120 lens is integrated for superior antifog performance.

“It’s like switching from TV to cinema" - Valentino Rossi

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All the air, all the safety

Pista GP R vents are made of metal: this allowed our technicians to create a wider vented surface in total safety. More air, better cooling performance, total safety.

Introducing Biplano Aero Technology

The new wind tunnel-tested “Biplano” spoiler with multiple wings is designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to add stability at high speed. It has been developed with the help of AGV pro riders in MotoGP, resulting in a 4% aerodynamic improvement. In case of an accident, the Biplano detaches itself from the helmet to increase safety.

Revolutionizing the concept of ventilation

Pista GP R introduces the innovative concept of external air intakes, with a double purpose: capturing more air at the front and creating a depression at the rear. This means more air entering the helmet and a faster internal transition: in other words, a greater cooling effect even in the hardest athletic efforts. The external fins are built with a soft polymer that is directly injected over the metal air intakes: this ensures a flat surface during impacts and superior safety in any situation.


Integrated Hydration System

Pista GP R is the world’s first helmet with an Integrated Hydration System. The system provides a connection to the water bag inside the hump of the racing suit, allowing the rider to stay hydrated with ease even in the most demanding races.

Radical Comfort

Developed together with our top riders, the Pista GP R’s interiors are engineered with a lightweight structure for maximum performance on the race track. The interiors have an adaptable fit and no stitching in sensitive areas, while the two-way stretch fabric ensures maximum breathability.

Patented Emergency Release System

The cheek pads are equipped with a patented safety release system for emergency removal. The strips at the bottom of the helmet allow for an easy removal in case of accident, with no accidental detachments and no weight increase.

Made in italy

Pista GP R is made in Italy.
The design and R&D of the helmets are carried out by AGV technicians at the Dainese Group headquarters in Molvena, while production takes place at AGV’s facility in Campodoro.

AGV took inspiration from its 70 years of research and innovation to produce a helmet that combines its trademark Italian style with the latest technologic and safety advancements.

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