Corsa R
Racing Soul, Maximum Comfort

Developed from the same AGV technologies used on MotoGP circuits all over the world, this helmet is made for everyday racers. It is ready for any riding challenge, whether on the track or on open roads.

This helmet is based strictly on the top-of-range PISTA GP R, with the same superior technical solutions and advanced racing features. The innovative AGV Extreme Standards design protocol enables maximum performance in terms of protection, peripheral vision, weight reduction, aerodynamics, ventilation and ergonomics. The exceptional level of safety has been confirmed by a 5-star rating from SHARP. The unprecedented level of comfort is due to the patented two-sided liner that can be reversed according to the season or the personal preference of the rider.

Bearing its soul of a free racer, it offers comfort to the max.

strength and lightness

The Carbon-Aramidic-Fiberglass outer shell is extremely lightweight and very strong, while the inner shell features a 5-density EPS structure that guarantees superior protection against impact. The AGV Corsa R comes in 4 different inner and outer shell sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every rider. The total weight of the helmet is 1,345 g*.
*Of shell size 1


Wind-tunnel tested to maximize aerodynamic performances and ventilation also at high speeds. The large spoiler is designed for immediate detachment from the outer shell in the event of impact, which is yet another measure to increase the passive safety of the helmet.

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motogp air vents

The MotoGP-developed air vents are fully-adjustable, have different partial opening settings, and work together with the rear spoiler to maximize aerodynamic performance and stability at high speed.

panoramic vision, shield protection

The new Race 3 visor is built in Class Option 1 for a distortion-free view. The panoramic shape enables a 190° horizontal view and an 85° vertical view for an unlimited field of vision. The visor is an effective shield that enhances safety: It is 5 millimeters thick to maximize strength and features a patented locking system for extreme protection in case of impact. The Pinlock® Max Vision 120 integrated lens provides superior antifog performance.


The patented locking system maximizes helmet protection in case of impact. The locking button is specially designed to prevent the visor from accidentally opening. Through the micro-opening system, ventilation is optimized without compromising safety.


Comfort inside

The Corsa R is equipped with a patented, reversible crown pad made of two different fabrics so riders can choose between a warm or cool side, depending on the season and their personal preference. The inside of the helmet offers radically improved comfort and superior head stabilization, and makes the helmet easy to slip on. The interior parts are Sanitized® with an anti-microbial treatment.

ventilation revolution

New chin guard channels distribute air flow to the visor and inside the helmet to prevent fog and provide optimal cooling.

Patented emergency release system

The cheek pads are equipped with a patented safety release system for emergency removal. Strips at the bottom of the helmet enable easy removal if necessary, but prevent accidental detachments and add no weight.

Made in italy

Corsa R is Made in Italy.

The design and R&D processes are carried out by AGV technicians at the Dainese Group headquarters in Molvena, while production takes place at the AGV facility in Campodoro.

Inspired by the company's 70 years of research and innovation, AGV has designed a helmet that combines its trademark Italian style with the latest advancements in technology and safety.

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