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€ 344,95
Integrated intercom communication system for AGV Tourmodular with Cardo DMC™ Mesh Technology. Connects up to 15 intercoms simultaneously, with range of up to 6 km.
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AGV INSYDE is the first system to feature DMC™ Dynamic Mesh Communication technology integrated with a modular helmet. The most advanced motorcycle intercom ever produced, developed exclusively by Cardo, meets AGV Tourmodular, the ultra-protective helmet for taking on endless journeys. DMC™ technology allows superior audio quality and connection stability for communication between riders, in all conditions. Just set it with a click, and AGV INSYDE will do the rest, establishing a stable connection between up to 15 riders, 1.2 km apart, with a total range of up to 6 km.

It’s fully compatible with any other Bluetooth® device. DMC™ technology enables continuous, uninterrupted communication. Unlike intercoms with Bluetooth® technology alone, when one or more riders join or leave the conversation, the chain of communication continues in a linear way without ever being interrupted. It also offers endless possibilities. AGV INSYDE lets you receive calls, include them in the communication with other riders connected via intercom, listen to music from any device with Bluetooth® connection and share it with your passenger and listen to FM radio with RDS system and automatic selection of the most stable signal. All this can be managed simply and intuitively by hand with a single touch, or directly with voice commands through the sophisticated Natural Voice technology.

AGV INSYDE manages all audio signal sources (Intercom, music, calls, FM radio) through a sophisticated algorithm that allows them to be received independently in parallel, for an experience characterized by maximum continuity. Entering and leaving conversations, listening to music and communicating with other riders occurs automatically and directly, without any kind of interruption or the need to disconnect and reconnect to the group. There are no distractions, just continuous communication.

The automatic volume control system also ensures superior audio quality, automatically adjusting the level according to external sounds and ambient noise, always maintaining the same level of clarity for the rider. The long-lasting battery provides up to 13 hours of continuous call time. But that’s not all. You can also use AGV INSYDE while it’s charging. This lets you ride with the system plugged into a power bank or 12V outlet, guaranteeing charging even when you’re on the move. Communication never stops.

AGV INSYDE, developed with Cardo and compatible with full integration with the AGV Tourmodular helmet, is IP65 certified and has a smartphone interface app, compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.



The power to talk with everyone, totally integrated.

DMC is the best way to communicate in a group​.

Instantly create or join a dynamically fluid network of 2 to 15 riders with just a click of a button​.

Superior audio quality during conversation​.

Range of 1,2 km / 0,8 miles between each rider, up to 6km for the whole group with maximum 15 people.

Stable network: self-healing and self-adapting network that allows every rider to join and leave freely without affecting the ongoing conversations and without the need to manually reconnect the devices​.


With Bluetooth each device must first pair with the previous and the next one (A connects with B, B connects with C, C connects with D) and then open the communication channel with each connected device (B opens the channel with A and C, C opens the channel with D)​, while with DMC you are connected to the whole group with just a click.


In the connection with Bluetooth the devices are connected together in a rigid chain (A-B-C-D). If one in the middle loses connection, the whole group loses connection​.

With Dynamic Mesh Communication, the devices are connected all together through a fluid network, so they can roam freely, overtake each other, leave and join the group automatically reconnecting, without affecting the group communication​.


DMC has a superior audio quality during conversation and is less affected by obstacles and interferences between riders, contrary to Bluetooth that has a lower audio fidelity, loses signal easily and is more affected by physical obstacles and interferences between the riders.




13h talk-time

Bluetooth v4.1

Call to intercom

Cardo firmware upgradeable

Certified water resistant (IP65)

Charge while riding

Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC)

Group conference up to 15 riders

Natural Voice Operation

Overall range 6 km / 3.7 miles

Private chat

Unit-to-unit range 1.2 km / 0.8 miles

Universal connectivity

Utility App for iPhone and Android phones


40mm HD speakers

Automatic volume

Built-in FM radio tuner with a station scan and save function

Music sharing

Smart audio mixing

Voice commands








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