Valencia, November 13, 2017 – Moto2’s Mattia Pasini will be taking to the track with the head-to-toe safety system designed by the Dainese Group, complete with an AGV Pista GP R helmet and the D-air® airbag device, which is a significant change for Pasini, who rides for the Italtrans Racing Team and has chosen AGV and Dainese as Official Safety Partners for 2018.

The rider from Romagna signed the agreement at a crucial moment in his career in terms of performance and self-awareness. On the back of the latest race results for the season that just ended, Pasini decided to boost his race performance with the best protection technology around, developed by the Dainese Group.

Pasini will use a race suit equipped with the D-air® device, the airbag system Dainese developed and introduced to MotoGP back in 2007, which is still the highest form of protective technology in motorcycling. The electronic platform and activation algorithm enable the system to offer total protection to the neck, shoulders and collarbone by building a 3D airbag around the body of the rider through the application of proprietary Dainese technology.

The technical equipment that completes Pasini’s partnership with the Italian brand includes the AGV Pista GP R helmet, the most protective helmet ever made. It was created in a wind tunnel and designed to offer exceptional race performance.

The outfit is completed with Full Metal D1 gloves and R Axial Pro In boots.

“I am really happy to return to the Dainese family, the Italian company that leads the industry. There is no need for me to point out the exceptional quality of the Dainese products, the facts prove it. I can now say I’ll be nice and safe from here on out,” said Mattia Pasini.

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