Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, January 30th 2017 – The eagerly-awaited 2017 MotoGP season has started and Valentino Rossi shows off the new graphics of his new AGV Pista GP R “Winter Test” special helmet at the first tests in Sepang.

Despite the sweltering weather in Malaysia, the new AGV Pista GP R helmet of Valentino is typically wintry. Designed as a snow globe, the helmet pays homage to the Doctor’s hometown, featuring the miniature of the picturesque landscape of Tavullia covered with snow, enclosed in a glass sphere. On the top-left of the visor is the street sign for the town and the speed limit, which is obviously 46 km/h. On the front of the helmet, next to the city hall and to the wall with the Official Fan Club’s banner, the AGV tricolor logo stands out, the distinctive element that for more than 20 years now has supported Valentino throughout his incredible career. On the chin guard, the distinctive neon yellow number 46 crosses the wooden base of the snow globe, which encircles the head of the nine-time World Champion up to the biplane spoiler of the helmet.

The Pista GP R is the evolution of AGV’s groundbreaking Pista GP, the Moto GP helmet, and is the most protective helmet ever developed. This full carbon helmet offers an increased field of vision through the introduction of Race 3 Max Pinlock®, a Class 1 Optic visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock® (120) and the patented Visor Lock System (VLS). Aerodynamic performance has been optimized through the use of the new wind-tunnel-tested Biplano rear spoiler, while comfort benefits from the patented interior structure and an implemented Integrated Ventilation System (IVS). Pista GP R is the first helmet to include a hydration system, featuring a series of channels and a valve positioned inside the chin area.

The Pista GP R is the perfect synthesis of protection, performance and comfort, a result of AGV Extreme Standards, innovative protocols for integrated design that has revolutionized the design method. It also enables significant measurable improvements to the helmet performance in terms of impact protection, field of vision, compact design, weight reduction, aerodynamics, ventilation and ergonomics. The innovative AGV Extreme Standards process raises the level of technology in the research and development for helmets and represents a milestone in head protection systems.

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