EICMA 2016


Milan – EICMA, Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – Following the recent introduction of head-to-toe protection systems for motorcycle racing such as the AGV Pista GP R helmet and the Dainese Mugello R D-air® racing suit, the Dainese Group is proud to present the new generation of protection for road use at EICMA.

Dainese returns to EICMA after five years with important news in the world of protection and presents the new collection of D-air® jackets for road use and the new family of certified Pro-Armor protectors.

The new Misano D-air®, Cyclone D-air® and Continental D-air® jackets, dedicated respectively to sport, sport-touring and urban segments, integrate the brand-new D-air® airbag system in its stand-alone version, which means no sensor kits need to be fitted to the motorcycle. Finally, the ultimate level of protection is available for all types of road use.

The 3D airbag, offshoot of proprietary Dainese technology, is the heart of the system. Thanks to an internal structure made of micro-filaments, the airbag deploys in a controlled width over its full length and wraps around the rider's body, providing at the same time maximum protection and comfort. The patented airbag structure is one of a kind and stands out among all other airbags used in the automotive industry. The pioneering Dainese airbag system has been further improved and now covers neck, collarbones, shoulders, chest and back.

The electronic platform and the algorithm, the brain and true intelligence of the system, have been further improved. Thanks to data acquired from 6 sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes) and from the GPS installed in the back protector, the system monitors a rider's dynamics 1000 times per second and deploys the system in the event of impact, high side and low side, with or without tumbling.

Usability increased with the addition of a new LED interface positioned on the forearm that keeps the rider informed about the system’s operating status. The new battery provides power for over 24 hours of continuous use (three times more than the previous battery) and the time needed for a full recharge is down to 4 hours.

The future of protection is now and the data gathered by Dainese demonstrates just that. Over 1200 documented deployments by the team at the Dainese Science and Research Center on tracks and roads all over the world and over 1,000,000 km travelled (more than half during the test phase) confirm both the efficiency and reliability of the system. The analysis carried out on the massive amount of data acquired contributes to further refining the triggering algorithms of the technological platform. 16 years of constant research have led to 35 patents relating to the manufacture of airbags, triggering algorithms, the architecture of the electronic platform and the integration of airbags in protective clothing.

The new jackets use the latest generation Pro-Armor back protector to house the electronic platform (sensors, GPS and battery) for the D-air® airbag system, achieving unparalleled standards of comfort.

Proprietary Dainese technology led to the development of the Pro-Armor family of protectors, composed of protectors for shoulders, elbows, back, chest, lumbar region, side and knees. The technology followed an innovative design inspired by fractal, which nature uses to create complex structures. The fractal structure emphasizes the characteristics of the carbon-based elastomer which forms the protective component of the system. The carbon elastomer absorbs up to 83% of the force that strikes the safety device. The fractal-inspired design provides an extended perforated surface (43% for the back protector) that works in perfect harmony with variable depth of the protector to simultaneously provide superb freedom of movement, lightweightness, comfort and unmatched breathability.

AGV, the historical Italian brand, has fully re-engineered its helmets interiors, extending the improvements introduced with the Pista GP R to its new range for road use. The Corsa R, Veloce S, K-5 S and Compact ST models feature entirely re-designed interiors, providing improved comfort and significant noise reduction.

“The Dainese Group confirms its total commitment to head-to-toe protection for all motorcyclists”, said Cristiano Silei, the CEO of the Dainese Group. “Taking the D-air® system from the sport to the touring and urban sectors is another significant milestone in the process of increasing the presence of our technology in the world of motorcycles”.

The new AGV helmet models will be available from mid-December 2016 starting from € 729.95 for the Corsa R, € 499.95 for the Veloce S, € 349.95 for the K-5 S and €269.95 for the Compact ST.

The Pro-Armor protectors will be available from the January 2017 at €29.95 for the arm protectors, € 39.95 for the chest protector, € 49.95 for the lumbar region, €69.95 for the pocket back protector and € 129.95 for the back protector.

The new D-air® stand-alone jackets will be available from April 2017 at €1,599 for the Misano D-air® sports version, € 1,799 for the sport-touring Cyclone D-air® version and € 1,499 for the Urban Continental D-air® version.

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