Valentino Rossi starts the 2016 MotoGP season with his new “SoleLuna” graphics

New season, new helmet. For the first 2016 MotoGP weekend in Qatar, Valentino Rossi took the track showing off a brand new helmet graphic. After three years with the same design on his AGV PistaGP, The Doctor decided to change, chosing a new look for his trademark “SoleLuna” (Sun & Moon) graphics, which has been with him throughout his entire career.

While keeping the same basic graphic layout, Rossi chose a completely new and more asymmetrical design that focuses on the primary shapes of the circle, square and triangle, elements that hold very important symbolic meaning. Going back in time, from Archimedes’ studies to ancient Eastern cultures, the three graphic symbols have always been associated with the quest for perfection, something that has characterized the entire career of number 46.

His way of riding, training and staying in shape at the age of 37 is part of the approach of one who strives to push the limits and reach increasingly higher levels. This precise method, that of perfectionism, is key to his success.

The helmet shell features a succession of triangles, squares and circles on a yellow background, with blue, green, orange and neon fuchsia tones, while the sunrays extend from the front to the back of the helmet.

A big yellow number 46 extends on both sides of the chin guard, while the AGV logo is featured both on the left side above the visor and on the back of the helmet.

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