Comfort and performance. These are not only technical characteristics but also fundamental values for any rider.
Our mission is to make each and every helmet to the highest quality without compromising on comfort: ventilation, visibility, and all the details that are essential to accelerating safely and enjoying the ride.
The helmets in the AGV Sport Collection are designed to offer comfort and performance. Whatever your goal, the road in front of you is clear.

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K-5 S

Darkstorm Matt Black/Red

AGV’s latest version of this premium sport helmet now features a new construction for the inner liner, designed with high-performance fabrics and with no stitching in sensitive areas, making for an extremely comfortable fit. The lightweight shell is made from a carbon-fiberglass mix, while stability and aerodynamic performance are maximized thanks to an incorporated spoiler. The Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) has vents that are hollowed into the shell, and there’s also an internal drop-down sun visor, a removable nose guard and a new wind protector that keeps noise to a minimum.

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