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"Share System Ready"

AGV Rear Share EASY Communication System

AGV Side Share EASY Communication System

SHARE is the new integrated communication platform for AGV helmets.

Electromagnetic emissions have been reduced by 97.5% and the system is fully comparable with the latest generation of Bluetooth® communication technologies.

  • Rider to passenger intercom communication
  • Wireless GPS connection
  • Wireless and cable stereo music connection (MP3 player...)
  • FM Radio / RDS
  • Highest priority mobile phone connection
  • Volume auto adjustment
  • Advanced battery protection system. Talk times: 11 hours - stand by: 700 hours
  • Low electromagnetic emissions near the head only 2.5 mW
  • Audio menu guide with 10 different languages available
  • Waterproof, dustproof
  • Firmware updates downloadable

The SHARE Kit is available in two versions:

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