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AGV is celebrating 65 years of business in 2012 and for this occasion it has completely redesigned its corporate website. A graphic and structural restyling to fully enjoy the world of AGV. The platform has a fresh, modern look and has been enhanced with new features to improve navigation and search speed. The new website is an easy reference tool that is divided according to two main categories: the general menu and products.

The main menu contains all the information about the company, from the mission to its history, from the champions of the past to current endorsers, and finally the research and development department, which knows how to combine technology and design to create innovative projects that have always made AGV a leading company in the helmet industry. A large area has been reserved for the company’s news, in addition to a section completely focused on stores.

The products section is entirely devoted to AGV collections. Products are divided into categories where each world represents a method of use: racing, gt, street, city and off-road. After selecting the helmet you can directly see the data sheet and colours available.

In the homepage we can find a section dedicated to AGV STANDARDS, the revolutionary process of designing helmets that led to the creation of PistaGP, originator of a new generation of products in the world of helmets.