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Let’s start from the end. From the podium of the second day of the GP race held at San Juan, in Argentina. The speaker calls live voice our pilot Aigar Leok and he climbs onto the podium with his arms held up to the sky and a smile that speaks for itself.

Also in the first day of the race Leok closed to the podium, and fought to the end to conquer the second position.

There were many trails for the Special during the two days of the race, fourteen on Saturday , one less on Sunday. This because the track of only 55 km could be done in about half an hour. Spectacular, demanding and suggestive the three PS, the Cross Test was inside a cross field and it was fast with many jumps.The Extreme Test was the most spectacular and had a visible suggestive impact. Very similar to a moon landscape, its particularities were a very steep uphill and a very fast downhill.The Enduro Test was, instead ,very difficult because of the many loose stones along all the route.

In the E 1 the loot of our Eero Remes is very satisfying, a sixth and a fifth final position.