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21/03/2013 TM RACING RACE REPORT on the Enduro GP in Chile


Great start for the TM Racing Team, that at Talca, on occasion of the first trial of the Enduro World edition 2013, both the official pilots climb onto the podium on the two days of the race. Leok, in the E3 class on Saturday, instead on Sunday, Remes took the TM 250 4T to the podium for the first time since its creation. The TM Team has two great ensigns who will bring many cups under the white and blue tent this season.

Aigar has re-confirmed himself as a hard nut to crack at Talca, He has speed, inspiration and madness as his gifts while Eero is, by several years, one of the top riders of the E1 and a consistence of output is his strength. The Chilian GP was by no means easy because of the great heat, over thirty degrees, and the Specials trial made slippery by the hard ground and a great amount of dust.

The most insidious Specials trial and where all the other riders present found difficulty was the Enduro Test. It was right in that PS that Aigar threw into the air Sunday. He fell on the first passage and with many seconds to recuperate the Estonian pilot tries in every way to recuperate.

At all gas he tries to recuperate, but on the second lap he is still in he Special Trail on Track that Leok commits his greatest error. The eleventh position does not give value to his commitment, but he marks up a few point that could be useful at the end of things, on the score- board.

Eero Remes took off with all eyes on him. He is one of the top riders of the E1 and for many years ended up on the podium. Not withstanding a not to brilliant start, he came seventh on opening day. Eero takes off concentrated and determined on Sunday. At the end the third step on the podium here in Talca, consecrated him as the first pilot to take the TM 250 4Tto the Worldwide podium.