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AGV is launching the new CORSA limited edition model, a helmet for real motorbike enthusiasts and especially for fans of the World Champion, Valentino Rossi.

The new Corsa Limited Edition will bear the same new race graphics as seen on the Valentino Rossi’s PISTA GP helmet. The "supersport" look is made even more attractive by the “Sun” and “Moon” symbols used by Valentino along with ideograms for the Japanese word “Kando”, a word used by Masao Furusawa to describe Valentino Rossi when he joined Yamaha in 2004. The word Kando means finding an instant affinity on meeting someone or encountering something very special.

The Corsa is an innovative model created as part of the AGV EXTREME STANDARDS HELMETS project. This new process has revolutionised helmet design and testing and began with Valentino Rossi as its reference point. Work began on designing the helmet by taking measurement of Valentino's head with a digital scanner. These measurements were then used to design the helmet from the "inside out".

AGV EXTREME STANDARDS HELMETS USE FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) to set new standards as regards safety, comfort and ergonomics. The raw materials and technologies used in production have a low environmental impact.

The limited edition version does not include sponsors' logos, components and visor accessories.

The helmet will be available in shops from April 2013 (in US by September 2013).