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AGV have now, for the first time, created a replica of Andrea Iannone's helmet. The special graphics "Wild Rodeo" wore at the Mugello GP is available for fans and collectors on the Corsa line limited edition.

The caricature on top depicted Andrea participating in a rodeo riding a bull. This image is there to remind us of just how physically demanding riding a racing bike can be. There is also a target logo, the symbol of the pilot, made of sticking plasters on the side of the helmet. This is is no doubt an ironic comment on his recent accidents and the operation on his forearm. On the back is a cartoon in tribute to Dr Costa of the Mobile Clinic who has always tended to and supported him following his accidents. The doctor is being interviewed by Paolo Beltramo from Sport Mediaset who is asking about the rider's health.

This limited edition faithfully reproduces the graphics on Andrea's race helmet except for other sponsor's logos and visor components and accessories.

The Corsa is a supersport helmet which combines the performance of the Pista GP with road-going characteristics such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort without having to forgo the performance standards of the GP version.

Fitted with a Double D retention system, the outer shell is made of SSL layers (aramid and glass fibres) and is available in 4 sizes. The design is intended to cut to the minimum any interference with the racing suit and protective hump and to optimise safety even at high speed. The spoiler has been designed to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet The visor component area has been reduced by 71% compared with the GP and this allows the space saved to be used to increase the thickness of the impact absorption material with all the safety benefits that brings. The visor can easily be removed as can the washable inner components. To provide improved comfort, the surfaces in direct contact with the head are seamless and the fit can be optimised with special additional padding to the cheeks and back of the neck. Designed to maximise comfort, ergonomics, safety and aerodynamics.

Made in Italy and protection of the environment: the Corsa is designed and made in Italy by highly qualified craftsmen using the very latest technology. These helmets are manufactured using the best technologies with great effort invested in protecting the environment. Waterjet technology is used to cut the carbon fibre shells, the painting system uses eco-compatible water based paints and a dust suppression/residue treatment system is in operation throughout the entire factory.

EXTREME STANDARDS HELMETS is the name of the revolutionary new range of AGV helmets which includes the Corsa. It is based on the “Human Engineering” concept and applies to a new design process which starts from the components that are in direct contact with the head and gradually progresses to the outer shell. As a result, the structural shapes imitate the area of contact thus providing greater safety and smaller dimensions.