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Loket (Czech Rep.) August 4, 2013

David Philippaerts' great moment continues in the 14th Championship race, where he ranked in the top ten of the MX1.

The former Tuscan world champ, wearing an AGV AX-8 Evo helmet, started the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic with a promising 8th place in the qualifying laps on Saturday.

After having adjusted the motorcycle trim, in the first leg, the rider of the Honda Gariboldi made a great start and after having climbed to 6th place, he resolutely defended his rank on the grid to the finish line.

In the second leg, David started from a mid-group position and after having climbed up the ranks to 7th place, he was forced to quit the race due to technical problems that slowed him down and relegated him to 10th place.

Thanks to the overall 7th place, Philippaerts climbed up a notch in the championship ranking, which now sees him in 9th place.

TM Estonian Tanel Leok's performance was also good: even though starting from behind the front line and facing problems to his forearms, he finished in 10th place in Race 2.

Gautier Paulin was the great absentee in the Czech race, having preferred to postpone his comeback for precautionary reasons, after his heavy fall in the previous GP that caused him a cranial concussion.

"Unfortunately, it proved a very demanding test for the AX-8 Evo helmet"; the Kawasaki team manager Francois Lemariey explained. "Impact with the ground was quite harsh, but we results showed that the shock was well-handled. It was proof once more of the importance that quality protective gear has, especially for riders in Gautier's league. AGV has a long tradition in the field and the perfect response of the helmet to such a delicate situation is no doubt the fruit of experience acquired in years of research and racing. Paulin chooses his partners for the quality and reliability of their products, and its no coincidence that his helmet suffered no structural collapse in the clash".

Having dropped from 2nd to 4th place in the Championship at the end of the German race, the French rider of Kawasaki will most likely be at the starting line in the next Grand Prix scheduled on August 18 on the Belgian race track of Bastogne.