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From 18 to 20 January 2013 Diesel and AGV will be working side by side at Motor Bike Expo 2013 - the biggest Italian event dedicated to special and custom motorbikes and accessories. For the third year in a row, Diesel and AGV have chosen the event in Verona to show the public and motorcycle enthusiasts the results of a collaboration, which over the past few years, has led to greater sales and significant appreciation from the general public.


There will be two exhibition areas at the stand: the first is dedicated entirely to the Diesel collection with HI JACK – MOWIE and FULL JACK models. Hi-Jack helmets take their inspiration from the world of helicopter pilots and feature a captivating look, a range of chromatic variations in the graphics designs and the unmistakable cambers at the sides accentuate the original aeronautic design. The MOWIE helmet is lovingly crafted with pure Italian fabrics and hide with the crest on top replicating the legendary Mohican Diesel. Given the success of Hi-Jack and Mowie, the range of Diesel helmets has been extended with the FULL JACK, the first integral helmet for sports and expert riders, who are always on the look-out for the originality and style which Diesel provide so well.


The second exhibition area will house a selection of AGV helmets including the new Pista GP, the first of a new generation of helmets that are the result of the AGV STANDARDS project, a new process that has revolutionised new helmets in terms of protection, ergonomics and comfort. The special feature of this helmet is the revolutionary way in which all the design stages were conceived: instead of designing from the outside in, the AGV STANDARDS project begins by laser scanning the rider’s head then converting the measurements taken into digital format. These measurements are used to design the helmet, from the inside out, adopting state-of-the-art digital design technologies based on CAE/CAD methods. The structural components of the helmet are specifically designed to achieve the required performance standards while minimising dimensions and weight. The helmet is therefore lighter and more compact than previous models while offering better protection, ergonomics and comfort.


The AGV STANDARDS project, established in 2009 with Valentino Rossi as its leading rider, is ready to take to the track with the first PistaGP helmet.


Diesel and AGV look forward to seeing you in Pavilion 2