Customer Care

Usage and maintenance


The helmet must always be handled and treated carefully so that its safety features remain intact.
Use the special all-purpose AGV cleaner to clean the shell and liner of the helmet, or alternatively use a soft cloth with neutral soap and warm water to wipe the outside of the helmet and non-removable liners. Rinse it by wiping it with a soft, wet cloth.
Removable liners can be washed by hand or in the washing machine using warm water (max 35°) and neutral soap. Always air dry the liner without exposing it to sources of heat. Make sure that the liner is completely dry before using the helmet again to prevent mould and unpleasant odours.
Do not use gasoline, benzene or other chemical products and solvents because they may jeopardize the functioning and structure of some of the parts and weaken the protective features.
We strongly advise against painting the helmet for the same reason, because paint solvents may damage the materials of the helmet.

Never modify the helmet (for example, drilling holes or cutting the shell, pressing the polystyrene, cutting the retention system or the liner) to avoid weakening the structure and jeopardizing the protective features. Always use original AGV parts if you need to replace a part and contact an AGV dealer if you are not sure how to perform an operation.

Avoid conduct or uses of the helmet that might compromise its performance:
- Do not drive with the helmet hanging from the anti-theft device/helmet hook or the seat so that it does not become bumped or scratched.
- Do not place the helmet on the stem of the rear-view mirror or the back of the seat so that the liner does not become damaged.
- Do not sit on the helmet or place it on the ground.
- Do not leave the helmet on places such as the gas tank or the seat because it could easily fall and become damaged. For the same reason, keep the helmet away from children and animals, which may cause it to fall, scratch it or ruin it.
- Never remove the structural parts of the helmet, such as the inner shell, the strap or the seals.
- Do not expose the helmet to very bright sunlight.

NB The Fluo colours are very delicate and sensitive to light: AGV does not guarantee the quality of the Fluo colours over time.