Agv helmets
protect your passion since 1947

AGV reseaches, projects and commercializes innovative systems for the protection of motorbike riders' heads.
AGV STANDARDS defines AGV's innovation strategy.

Where I came from, they used wooden lasts to mould shoe uppers, but I needed to mould my first leather helmets in the shape of heads, not feet. So I approached Borsalino of Alessandria, the famous hatter.
And he lent me the moulds I needed.

A.G.V. is an acronym that stands for Amisano Gino Valenza. Gino Amisano is the founder of the company, Valenza Po the city in which AGV came to life in 1947. The logo is nothing other than "Ago"'s helmet as seen from behind.
Or rather, the way so many riders would see it while being beaten by the Italian champion. The colours are those of the Italian flag, as to confirm AGV's great pride of its connection to its homeland. After a few modifications throughout its lifetime, the brand continues to win while being worn by great champions, like Valentino Rossi.

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